Happy Customers Share their Stories!!


Well that was easy! Thank you so much for the great deals and all of your help. Erika S.





“Used to water a very small garden and flowers.  The first month Donna used this, her water bill decreased $26. Thanks!”   – Michael S.






“I was very pleased to learn about your product. I was looking for a way to properly install my rain barrel, and when I saw the diverter and I knew it was right. I have a small vegetable garden next to the house, where I set the rain barrel, on two cinder blocks and a paver to elevate the barrel. I installed tubing from the barrel to the garden area, and when I need to water I open up a valve and everything gets water until I come back and turn it off. I painted it a light green that matches my siding, and draped a piece of felt over the top where I have a hanging basket plant that drapes over the side of the barrel. Thanks again. It has been a pleasure working with you.”    – Edward






“I painted and installed my double barrel set-up today in Bay Village. I like arranging on the three concrete blocks lined up with the middle block back a couple inches.  The triangular arrangement didn’t fit well with the barrels close together. Can’t wait til it rains!”     – Mark F






“I stopped by your shop today and bought a diverter to upgrade my old barrel.  The young man who took care of me was very knowledgeable and helpful.  You’ve got a nice place going there.  The diverter was quite nice and installed easily.  It’s not often a product is supplied so complete!” – John K.







Thank you SO much for the 50th wedding anniversary champagne bottle Cheese Tray for my parents anniversary.  For the parents that have EVERYTHING and need NOTHING, this was the PERFECT GIFT!!  Not only were you able to get it designed and custom etched,  but got you it done for us at the last minute!!!My parents LOVE it!!!   Dan – Elyria







Thanks for your help & expertise! What a nice addition to our backyard!  Rob & Jan





“The barrels worked out fine this summer. I’m in the process of draining them now to get ready for winter. I was able to keep the garden watered all summer without having to use the water from the hose. Thanks!”    – Gary M.

“I bought 4 rain barrels from Ann last year, and this year with the drought, I was glad I did.  I saved so much money on my watering bill,  I only had to use my hose for 1 week this whole summer thanks to Rain Barrels N’ MORE!”   – Nada R.


“I bought an 80 gallon rock rain barrel and had it delivered and installed and ended up having a problem with the air hole.  Jim and Ann came back out right away to fix the problem.  Great customer service!!  I highly recommend Rain Barrels N’ MORE to  anyone looking for a rain barrel or just advice, they really know their stuff!!” – Bill M.
“I live in North Ridgeville and I have an older home that has some  broken tiles on the side of my house, which caused my basement to flood last summer with all that rain.  I got estimates for over 10 thousand dollars to repair it.  a friend of mine recommended I try using a rain barrel before I spend all that money on repairs.  He told me to stop at that rain barrel store in Westlake and see if  a rain barrel  could help my problem.  I am so glad I did!  Last fall, we bought one rain barrel  at Rain Barrels N’ MORE with the diverter and hooked it up the next day. It worked like a charm!  I ran a  garden hose out to the back of my property, opened the spigot when I knew it was going to rain and haven’t had a drop of water in my basement since and the diverter kept the leaves from getting stuck in my hose and spigot. I came back this summer to buy a pretty one to sit on my deck with a flower in it!”  – Eilieen B
This is by far the best diverter out there. The easiest to install and maintain. I’ve never had to clean leaves out of it. two simple straight cuts in my downspout and six screws later it was ready to collect rain water. One thing I’ve noticed is that this diverter fills my 85 gallon barrel up very quickly, almost 100% of the water that falls down my downspout is collected. The high flow spigot is amazing, water pours out of my hose. No more trickle flow for me. The best part about it is it’s freeze proof, I don’t have to worry about it freezing and cracking. I purchased this diverter kit fully assembled barrel from a store in Westlake, Ohio. Rain Barrels N More. The staff there was so helpful and knowledgeable they answered all of my questions and explained the whole rain water collection process to me. Thank you Rain Reserve and Thank you Rain Barrels N More. I can now garden in peace (of mind) the way it’s supposed to be.  –jack