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Video  –  HOW TO INSTALL our Diverter


3D Video –  How the DIVERTER works




Seems like an easy thing to do… until you try to do it.  You have to figure out how to get if from a roof into a container.  The container HAS to be made of a food grade material, otherwise toxic poisons will  leach into the water and into our food and soil.  The barrel has to be CLOSED, so that mosquitoes can’t breed in it, algae doesn’t grow in it, to keep leaves and debris from stinking up the water, keep it from overflowing,  keep it from evaporating, and to keep animals, pets and children from accidentally drowning.  It also has to be able to handle HUNDREDS of gallons or at least be able to safely move it where is causes no damage to foundations and basements.  And last but not least it has to be EASY to use and care for 24/7/365 in any climate.  

We did ALL of that for you.  We figured out all of the hard parts, so you get to do the fun and easy part!


Don’t worry, all of our rain barrels are guaranteed to be made from 100%, #2, food-grade, &  BPA free plastic.   We don’t wash them out, because #1 –  it is a waste of good clean drinking water, and #2 –  because you would never see the actual food that was in them.  Any used barrel that is washed out could have contained TOXIC used motor oil, anti-freeze, or even round up in them and you would never know because they washed them out – YUK!  

Our used food barrels still have pieces of food in them and our molded designer barrels are made with new and used food grade plastic.  They each have an AWESOME High -Flow spigot or come with a short garden hose with a convenient shut off valve. 


Plastic barrels, they say, will START to compost in about 500 years!!  So we decided, instead of filling the land fills with them, we would do our best to keep them OUT of the land fills and a useful part of your everyday life. 


Our barrels can be used for other things besides rain barrels.  

Cut the top off and store your garden tools and snow shovels in them.

Cut the top off and drill a hole or two in the bottom and put a garage bag in it. 

Cut the barrel in half, and drill holes in the bottom….use as a planter anywhere.

Cut the top and bottom off and cut in half dig a hole as deep and as wide as the barrel-then place one of the halves in the hole, leaving it about 2″ above the ground, then fill it back up with the soil and plant invasive bamboo or any plant you want to NOT spread!


  This is YOUR store!  We are HERE because of YOU!

YOU wanted a simple, yet inexpensive rain barrel & composter.  In fact, you asked for more, so we carry MORE….more organic, more natural, more products and ALL made in the USA.  Products that help improve your health and your home, your pregnancy, and your illnesses, celebrate good times and we can even help you get through the bad times!  

We started in my garage, and quickly out grew that, so we moved into a real garage at Bradley and Center Ridge.  


Then they put the building up for sale, so we have to move quickly.  We have had to move a couple times but we are now located in AVON at 1350 Moore Rd.  

Thank you to All-Pro Freight,  where we were able to move into a 2,500 sqft beautiful show room with a separate class room, office and indoor barrel storage!  We will hold outdoor Rain Barrel classes all  summer, as well as fun workshops and classes inside or out!

We still have our BLUE BAG PERENNIAL program!!

Place your extra perennials you split up any time during the year in a BLUE bag and drop it off at our store.  We promise to find a good home for your loved, but unwanted plants!  When you drop off your plants, take a look at what others have left, you just might find another to take home with you.

At anytime, we may have grasses, flowers, &  ground cover available.


Choose from OVER 28 Rain Barrels in different sizes, shapes, and colors.